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Flank Steak w/ Grilled Provolone Cheese

and Tangy Chimichurri Sauce

2 sliders for $10 - or with French Fries $12

Pulled Pork Shoulder w/ Apple Slaw and Scallions

2 sliders for $8 - or with French Fries $10

Deep fried tomato slider w/ avocado sauce, 

black bean and corn relish, napa cabbage &scallions

2 sliders for $7 or with french fries $9

Lobster Fritters

Deep Fried with lobster, shrimp, crab and corn

w/Two Sauces, Dressed Greens & Scallions

$10  - or with French Fries $12

Chicken and Bacon Jam Quesadilla

w/ Avocado sauce and Corn Relish & Scallions

$8 - or with French Fries $10




Due to availability of fresh ingredients, menu subject to change without notice